Health Insurance for Individuals & Families

We are Certified Agents for Covered California (1) as well as Off Exchange (2) plans available through insurance companies.

All of our services are FREE. We can assist with:

  • Reviewing Your Options
  • Eligibility for Financial Assistance
  • Applying for Coverage
  • Choosing a Plan
  • Reporting A Change
  • Verifying Provider Networks
  • Submitting Documentation
  • Billing & ID Cards
  • Annual Open Enrollment Changes

1. What is Covered California?

Covered California is the state run health health insurance exchange that offers affordable plan options to those who qualify for financial assistance. We are certified agents and ready to assist you review your options.

2. What is an Off Exchange plan?

It is a health plan that is not available on a government run exchange such as Covered California but is only available directly from an insurance company. Plans that are considered off exchange are not eligible for any type of federal or state financial assistance. However, they still fall under the umbrella of the ACA or Affordable Care Act so the plans include the mandated essential benefits as required by law and also utilize the same provider networks as the on exchange plans.

Health Insurance Made Simple

  1. The new healthcare law known as the ACA or Affordable Care Act now mandates that every person have health insurance coverage or pay a penalty. You may obtain coverage through an employer, a private insurance company, a state or federal exchange, MediCal or Medicare.
  2. In the State of California, if you are an individual under age 65 and need to buy your own health insurance, you basically have 2 options for obtaining coverage.
    Option 1: Enroll in an individual/family plan direct with an insurance company available in your zip code. Simply choose a plan and pay the premium and you are done.
    Option 2: Enroll in an individual/family plan through the state run exchange, Covered California. By choosing this option, you may apply for an advanced premium tax credit (APTC) and if you qualify, you will receive financial assistance to pay your monthly premium. You would simply choose a plan, and pay your portion of your premium to the insurance company. You will need to report changes to your income throughout the year to avoid having to pay back any assistance you receive that you don’t truly qualify when you file your taxes.
    Something to consider – All metal tiered ACA plans offered on Covered California offer the same identical benefits as the metal tiered plans offered off exchange. The provider networks are also identical. You may apply through Covered California even if you don’t qualify for assistance. However, if you know you won’t qualify for APTC, you may benefit from applying directly with the carrier as some companies offer additional plan options to choose from but they are not required to do so.
  3. Coverage in GUARANTEED Issue. Companies can no longer deny you for preexisting conditions or impose waiting periods. They also cannot charge you extra premium due to health conditions or excessive claims. They also cannot cancel your coverage for any reason other than non-payment of your premium.
  4. You can only buy health insurance during the annual open enrollment period. On the Federal exchange, this period begins November 1st and ends December 15th. However, California has agreed to extend the enrollment period for Covered California. It will begin November 1st and end January 31st. Outside of this time period, you can only enroll into a plan if you have a qualifying life event.

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